2020 Client Questionnaires

Please download any applicable PDF questionnaires below to fill out. Once completed you can email to, or upload to your Xero software in Files.


Q: What type of questionnaire should I use?


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Manning Warner Browne Covid-19 updates

Update: 27th March 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, 23rd March, we are supportive of the Government’s guidance and requirements under the Covid-19 Level 4 Alert.

Our business will remain operation (Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 5:00pm) and will continue to provide services to our clients by email or telephone. Our office branches are now closed to client visits.

We would like to ask clients to email us with queries. All Manning Warner Browne employees will be working remotely from home from Friday the 27th March 2019 and email to a specific person will get a faster response. Our focus is on the health and safety of our clients, MWB employees and the community. By taking this step, we are supporting the Government to minimise the impact COVID-19 risks.


FAQ: What these changes mean for our clients?


A: Digital face to face meeting is possible over Skype / Zoom meeting.
A: Yes, all our consultants and accountants have the technology to work remotely and access to our work data base to ensure uninterrupted services are delivered.
A: Yes, you can call us on the usual number, either the landline or mobile. However we suggest email to be the faster communication if you have specific questions.
A: Tax notices will be emailed to our clients and you should set up your tax payments via online banking.
A: We will email our clients documents for signing using an online portal so you can sign and return on your computer screen. Once you have signed, we will get a notification for completion.
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MWB Summer 2016 Newsletter

Buying off the plan? The bright-line test and you

We’ve talked before about how changes to tax law around buying and selling property might affect you. Now that the changes are in operation and the bright line test is being applied to determine tax liability, an issue highlighted only recently might leave you exposed. As we’ve discussed before, people who buy or sell a property within two years of acquiring it must pay tax on the gain. The main home is exempt and there are some other exceptions such as inheritance and relationship break-ups. Read more….

Filling employment gaps over summer

With the holidays coming up, you may have started to think about whether to employ some extra people over the holidays. If you do, think carefully about the kind of help you need and broadly what kind of employment contract is best suited to the situation. It’s important to make sure you comply with current employment law and have it right from the start. Read more….


When you’re entertaining clients or colleagues, some entertainment expenses are tax deductible while others aren’t. It can be tricky working out what’s deductible as a business expense and what isn’t. The basic idea is that an expense is business-related if you spend the money to help your business earn income. Most business-related expenses are fully deductible. If the expense doesn’t help your business earn gross income, it’s private and you can’t claim it as a tax deduction. Read more….

FBT on gifts and entertainment

If you are giving gifts to your team you may also be liable for fringe benefits tax. There’s a $300 exemption from paying FBT per employee per quarter so if the value of the gift is less than $300 you may be exempt. However, if the value of total benefits for an employee goes over $300 for the quarter year (and provided the total value of all benefits doesn’t exceed $22,500 for the year), the full value of the benefits is subject to FBT. Read more….


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MWB Winter 2016 Newsletter

Risk and rewards

Underpaid income tax?

Maybe you did not keep up with your provisional tax payments throughout the year? (oops) Perhaps you did not end up paying enough because you had a better-than-expected financial year (yay! but damn, an increased tax liability). It could be that seasonality or volatility make it difficult to forecast your provisional tax payments.

Whatever the case, owing the taxman additional income tax can put pressure on your business’ cashflow. With Inland Revenue’s interest clock continuously ticking at 8.27 per cent (and at 9.21% for tax debt incurred up until 8 May 2016) while that tax remains unpaid, the cost can quickly add up.

Tax pooling

An option we have discussed before is tax pooling. It is a service designed to reduce interest costs and provide payment options for provisional taxpayers.

How does it work?

For underpaid income tax, you can settle what you owe IRD by paying through a tax pooling intermediary such as Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) at an interest cost lower than the interest IRD charges on underpaid tax.

New GST online filing

The first steps towards tax simplification lie in the new option for taxpayers for online filing of GST returns. Inland Revenue has been working with two software providers to pilot a service so taxpayers can file their GST returns directly from their business software. At present this can be used for GST only returns or for combined GST and provisional tax returns, although this option is not open to taxpayers who use the ratio option to calculate provisional tax.

Timely reminders

Note: these dates apply to those clients for whom we prepare tax returns. Different dates will apply for those clients for whom we don’t prepare returns. Please ask us if you’d like more information.

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